Phase 2: Living with the Virus

It’s another one fine Spring day in Milan. I just woke up with a different kind of feeling that I couldn’t figure out what at first. Is it because of the current pandemic period? Depression or something else? The curve of the coronavirus cases in Italy, so far, is truly alarming. Nobody knows when, if it would be totally flattened. Despite this, lockdown is about to end and Italy is now approaching the second phase which is termed ‘living with the virus.’ Can you imagine that? Living with the capital C-virus! It’s like we were motivated here to think that Sickness and Death are just around the corner!

Anyhow, life is so short to be wasted. Anxiety and Depression are not good friends, believe me. One thing is for sure. Nothing is permanent and all these things will eventually end. We just need to keep our faith that no matter how hard things are today, these will surely change in the coming days. Speriamo…

One thought on “Phase 2: Living with the Virus

  1. Amen, we must keep our hope and faith. Life is a journey with peaks and valleys, lush fields and barren deserts. Stay safe and stay healthy everyone.

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