Italy: International Travel to be Allowed in June

The government will reopen Italy to tourists from early June as it eases its Coronavirus lockdown.

According to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, cinemas and gyms will also be open to the public as the government eyes in restarting economic activity. During his address on national television, Conte said that while they are ‘facing a calculated risk’, they have to accept the possibility of rising the contagion curve again otherwise, they won’t be able to restart their economy.

In early March, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte imposed the nationwide shutdown to fight the Coronavirus that has killed almost 32,000 individuals in Italy. The shutdown heavily affected the tourism industry of the country.

While Italy never closed its borders formally and it has authorized people to travel for work or for health reasons, the country prohibited movement for tourism and ordered a 2-week quarantine period for new arrivals.

In March, the European Union also prohibited foreigners from entering its Schengen Zone, except essential travels and medical workers while external borders of the European Union will stay closed until June 15.

The EU has also prepared plans for reopening of summer travel. It urges member states to opening its internal borders again but recommends that external borders remain closed until the middle of June.

Starting June 3, travelers within the Schengen zone are allowed to enter the country without the need of self-isolation. Also, Italians are allowed to travel between regions. The government said that going in and out of the country can be limited, depending on the regional decree. On the other hand, the draft states that regulations on travel within the same region have stopped from May 18th. This means that individuals are no longer required to bring an ‘autocertificazione’ form when going out.

Bars, restuarants, shops and hairdressers are also allowed to operate on Monday, which is 2 weeks earlier than previously planned. Though Church services and mosques will also start again, social distancing rules should be strictly followed and large gatherings are still prohibited.

The government provided its citizens who live in cities up to €500 to purchase new scooter, bike or hoverboard. This is to encourage people to limit the use of public transportation as part of efforts to avoid the risk of Coronavirus infection.

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    1. Restaurants are already open though some were forced to close due to bankruptcy. Dining can be done by appointment or reservation or else, customers need to line up, which could be a hassle because they need to follow social distancing.

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