Meanwhile in Russia: Female Nurse Disciplined For Wearing ‘Lingerie’ Under Transparent PPE Gown

A picture of a female nurse who happens to be wearing her underwear under her PPE gown has just went viral. According to the male patient who took the photo, there were no complaints about her ‘fashion’ but still, the nurse was disciplined for not following the hospital’s uniform code.

It happened in an all-male COVID-19 ward in Tula, Russia just 100 miles south of Moscow. According to the medic who’s in her 20s, she was feeling ‘too hot’ wearing the nurse uniform under the PPE gown so she decided not to wear the uniform at all. According to her, she had no idea that the PPE gown she wore during her shift in treating COVID-19 patients was totally transparent. Though she explained herself to her managers at Tula Regional Clinical Hospital, the regional health ministry still issued her a disciplinary sanction, which applies to everyone who violated the uniform code.

At first, the chiefs said that the female nurse was wearing ‘lingerie’. However, she claimed that it wasn’t lingerie but a swimming suit.

Nothing was heard from the nurse about the incident and no specific details about the disciplinary action were revealed.

Though a patient said that nobody complained about the incident, it caused some kind of embarrassment. Some people found it ‘funny’, noting that they could use a bit of sense of humor in the middle of the pandemic.

The nurse got a lot of support from patients as well as from different people and has received positive comments. Some even asked the hospital management to promote her instead.

Russia had a total of 299,91 infections and with a death toll of 2,837 as of Tuesday though a lot of experts believe that the statistics reported by the government was lower than the real rate of casualties. Officially, Tula recorded 19 deaths and has had 2,637 COVID-19 infections.

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