A Proposal for Serafina (Content Page)

Title: A Proposal for Serafina

Genre: Historical fiction, romance

Status: On-going

Update Schedule: Every Sunday

Summary: With a gamester for a father with exorbitant debts, Serafina agrees to an arrangement with Doña Consuela: marry either one of her sons and the debt is considered paid.

The golden-haired Luciano has a devil-may-care view in life, while his brother, Alberto, is solemn and keeps to himself. Although both men find Serafina beautiful, neither seems to be interested in marriage. Unbeknownst to all, Serafina has plans of her own, one where marriages aren’t involved.


Chapters 1 & 2 (posted on May 24, 2020)
Chapter 3 (posted on May 31, 2020)
Chapter 4 (posted on June 8, 2020)
Chapter 5 (available on June 14, 2020)
Chapter 6 (available on June 21, 2020)

A Proposal for Serafina Playlist (a random selection of music pieces/songs that fit the theme of the story)


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