The New Normal: 10 Ways to Make Money During the Pandemic

With COVID19 forcing companies and businesses into bankruptcy and closure and even a number of countries into recession, people are forced to think outside of the box to earn their keep and afford basic necessities to survive this pandemic. Diapers and baby formulas are breastfeeding mothers’ concerns, whereas, elementary school and high school kids need stable internet connection and a laptop or tablet for their online classes. These don’t come cheap. Internet connection alone costs about Php1,300.00 a month, and a basic brand-new laptop can be priced at least Php11,000.00.

Most of the Philippine population is in the poverty line and can hardly afford the monthly cost of internet connection. The government’s effort to feed and support its people is commendable, but it can only go so far.

If people want to be self-sufficient and not just rely on our LGUs’ help, being creative and innovative are two key factors to keep their families’ afloat. Try these simple ways to earn cash and feed the kids.

  1. Online Jobs. College students and young adults, who struggled with paying tuition fees or supporting their parents and family, may have had an online job that helped them through. This time, with COVID19 making more and more people jobless, getting an online job is a great alternative. You can get a job as a Virtual Assistant, Graphic Designer, Bookkeeper, Accountant, and much more. The hourly rates can range from $1 to $10. The work hours can be part-time, full-time, or just whenever your free time is. You can just register online for free and start sending your resumes.

    Where to look for online jobs? You can try:

    You can also Google other sites to help you broaden your choices.

  2. Content Writing. You can find content writing jobs online as well. Usually your employer or company will ask you to write blog posts or articles on specific topics or subjects relevant to their brand or whatever product or service they sell. Depending on the employer, your rate can be $1-$5 per blog post or article, or $2 per 300 words.

    How can you be chosen for this type of work? Employers will require the applicant to be fluent with the English language both verbally and in writing, and know how to do research work.

  3. Ghost Writing. This is another branch of content writing and one you can find online, too. With the advent of ebooks came opportunities to publish books without spending for printers. If you search hard enough, you’ll find employers and publishing companies who are looking for writers, who know how to write both non-fiction and fiction books, technical books, cook books, and autobiographies. If you’re capable of writing a 20,000-word novel in just one month, you can land yourself a ghost writing job.

  4. Become a reviewer. This is a bookworm’s dream–get paid to read and review a book. Publishing companies who sell their ebooks through Amazon will need product reviews to catch their audience’s attention. The same goes for companies who sell certain products (i.e. cleaning materials, candles). These companies will pay you at an hourly rate or a per review rate, depending on your agreement. It’s important you have an Amazon account and can do a bit of data entry work at the side.

  5. Become a rider. The industry that won’t slow down is the food industry. Milk tea and fast food meals have become part of people’s diets and cravings. With the virus keeping people at home, the solution to this dilemma are riders, such as Food Panda, Grab Food, Rider Dash. If you have a motorcycle, this job alternative will help you go through this crisis.

  6. Become a carpool driver. Before the pandemic, tourism was good and local tourists had travel plans for 2020. People from Davao City booked vans to get to Siargao or Camiguin. However, with these plans cancelled, drivers and owners alike have no travel tours to conduct. Fortunately, transportation for employees have become a concern for companies as riding public transportation can be a risk in getting infected by the virus.

    If you own a van or jeepney, you can offer your skills as a driver to get the company’s employees safely from their homes to the office and vice versa.

  7. Become an English teacher. Schools may be closed, but that doesn’t stop parents from enrolling their kids to English lessons. If you’re fluent in English and have stable internet connection, you may as well apply for an English teaching job.

  8. Become an online seller. Stores and malls are closed but the people’s need for basic materials, pools to entertain the kids, nails for carpentry work won’t be stopped any time soon. If you know where to get a supply of milk, kimchi, face masks, ethyl alcohol, then try your hand at online selling. All you need is a picture of the product, post it on Facebook Market, Shopee, or Lazada, and market it to potential buyers.

  9. Become your own chef. Know how to bake pastries or poach an egg? Filipinos love sweets. We love desserts. We love food. People want their taste buds to taste other than rice and sardines. If you have recipes that you know people will love, then go ahead and bake or cook, and sell this to the public. You know how to make kimchi? Great! Sell these to people who enjoy Korean cuisine or samgyupsal. You know how to make ube cheesedesal? Awesome! Make some and offer it to people who love the ube and cheese combination.

  10. Become a backyard farmer. This could be a bit of a stretch, especially if you don’t have an inherent green thumb or a patch of land you can work on, but fresh produce has always been a need rather a want. Palengke or wet markets are places where you can possibly get infected by the virus. Unfortunately, they are also the places where we can buy cheap vegetables. If you know how to grow cucumbers, bitter gourds, pechay, tomatoes, potatoes, okra, and other vegetables, then grow some and sell these to your neighbors. You can earn a profit and feed the family.

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