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Children and Face Masks: What You Should Know

As CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends wearing face masks when going out, a lot of parents are wondering if the same rule applies to children.

Read on for answers to most questions about children and face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Should children wear face masks outside?

It actually depends on the child’s age. Face masks are not recommended for children under two years old because at this age, they still can’t be reliable when it comes to adjusting and removing their masks.

For children over two years old, it is going to be their choice (as well as their parents). Most children tend to touch their faces more often with dirty hands so it is best for them to wear face masks. If your children are against wearing face masks, make sure that they wash their hands frequently to prevent infection. Also, have hand sanitizer or alcohol whenever they’re going out.

When do kids need to wear face masks?

There are certain places where kids must wear face masks such as locations where social distancing may be difficult to follow. For instance, if they need to be taken to the doctor, grocery, restaurants or parks.

However, your children should not wear face masks to the following:

  • Inside your house, assuming that your family have not been exposed to someone infected with COVID-19.
  • When going out, as long as they maintain at least six feet away from people and they don’t touch any surface. For instance, if they want to go out, make sure that they won’t get too close to other children, touch tables, playground equipment or others.

Warning: Please reconsider using face cloth to your child if:

  • It causes your kid to touch his or her face more frequently.
  • It causes breathing difficulty to your child.

Getting children to learn the importance of wearing face masks can be tricky but necessary. Be honest in explaining the situation and how face masks help prevent the virus from spreading. Explain that simple coughing and sneezing can spread the virus and wearing face masks provide protection.

Physical distancing and staying at home is still the best option to protect your family from COVID-19. This especially goes to young children who may still not understand the health hazard of touching things and meeting people outside.

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