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ELIZABETH BATHORY – The Countess of Blood

ELIZABETH BATHORY is a 15th-century Hungarian noblewoman. Born on August 7, 1560, Bathory was from a prominent Protestant family in Hungary. She was engaged at the age of ten with fifteen years old,  Ference Nadasdy.  She allegedly had a daughter at the age of thirteen with a peasant boy. But the child was sent away to a far village. Bathory was married to Nadasdy at the age of fifteen and they had five children.

Bathory was tagged by the Guinness Book of World Record as one of the most prolific female murderers. She allegedly kill 650 virgins for their blood. They said that she drunk their blood and with the help of her servants, they drain their blood and she bathed with it. Preserving her youth and beauty.

It was in 1611, when King Matthias II ordered the capture and confinement of Bathory in Castle Csejte. She was detained in the castle until the age of fifty-four. Bathory died of a lonely death. Alone in the darkroom of that castle where she was confined. Up to this day, the location where they buried her body is still unknown.

Elizabeth Bathory will always be a part of our history. She left a mark in this world. What was left for us are questions that we will not be able to find answers.

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