Tips on How to Choose the Most Comfortable Shoes

Wearing uncomfortable shoes can cause swelling in the back area of the heel, overall feet pain, and even ankle injuries. Surely you wouldn’t want to spoil your day just because you grabbed a nice, but a very uncomfortable pair of shoes. This is why it is always best to take your time in purchasing the most comfortable shoes for your needs.

Before shopping for your shoes, make sure to do a bit of research. Aside from the style, you also have to consider how your feet feel while wearing them. The following are some tips that can help you pick the most comfortable shoes:


Feet have different widths and sizes and remember, your feet’s measurement doesn’t always fit the best. Also, shoes of the same width and size can differ significantly due to materials and manufacturing. To be on the safe side, allow at least 5/8” space between the end of the shoe and the end of your longest toe, around one thumb width.

Pro tip, try shopping for shoes during the afternoon because our feet naturally expands in the afternoon compared in the morning. If you intend to wear socks with the shoes, make sure to have them when trying new shoes.


Shoes have different shapes. They could be straight lasted, curved or semi-curved. It is important that you know your feet’s shape in order to find the shoes that will fit comfortably.

Stability or resistance

If your feet are flat and wide, look for stable shoes. On the other hand, if your feet are rigid and arched, you need a more flexible, cushioned pair of shoes. To be able to know if a shoe is stable, check the rigidness or firmness of the heel counter. It is also recommended to perform a twist test. Tip: A stable show should not be able to make a shoe pretzel.


Always choose a style that best fits your personality. Though style should not be your top priority, it is an important factor in choosing a pair of shoes.

Comfortable shoes are those that fit well. They must be stylish and stable at the same time. Actually, there is no distinct and perfect element that decides the comfort of a shoe because it actually depends on the person who will be using them.

It might not be mentioned above but the most important factor to consider in choosing the most comfortable shoes is determining its very own purpose. All the given factors will be useless if you will not consider the purpose of buying the shoes. Is it for running, hiking or just for walking around? From there, the idea of what kind of shoes to be bought will not be hard to think of.

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