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Low Budget Home Upgrade Ideas

Despite your busy schedule in your daily routines, you surely want to spend some time upgrading your house. From the walls and ceilings up to the doors, you have some ideas in your head that you want to put into action, right?

How is it like to have a complete revamp of the living room?

How does it feel to see my wall with a DIY wall decor?

Can I upgrade my house on my own?


These are just some of the questions that you keep asking yourself every time you go home from work. Or every time you sit on your couch and stare at a blank wall.

I could no longer bear asking myself the same questions every day so I’ve just decided to do something about it.

In my case, it’s more than just a revamp (actually) since my family had just moved into a new house. With my husband’s permission, I had to decide on every detail of the house interior. But it was not an overnight planning because you have to consider many factors for your ultimate goal to be successful. You need to do some research by reading books and articles about home improvement.  You need to consider your time especially if you go out the whole day for work, business, or something else.

In my case (again), I’m a fulltime mom and currently taking care of my sixteen-month-old baby, so it was a bit difficult for me to find time to do the things that I have to. Anyhow, I still have managed to do some tasks successfully so let’s toast to that! Cheers!

Here you go.


I asked my Tatay (father) to change our lighting because it was too warm for the living room. From a red color light, it has now changed to blue/white color light. The product was called Moonlight and the name truly served its purpose because at night, it’s really like a moon. I might do something with it so it will look like a sun during the day.


Indoor Plants

I bought some indoor plants (from Ikea) because I believe that plants can do wonders at home. Plants can help clean the air we breathe, can reduce stress, and can bring natural beauty to our home spaces. Just make sure to water the plants properly and determine the kind of sunlight that they need. Some indoor plants need direct sunlight while others can survive with artificial light. If you live in a house without a balcony or a garden to put your plants for sunlight, you can simply place them in a window where they can be lighted.

Artificial Plants

I was about to go to the cashier to pay for my items that day in Aumai, when I saw these blue flowers with light yellow tulips. I instantly fell in love with the artificial flowers and so I bought them. Now it is the main attraction of the window area.

Suspended Plants and Wine

I tried to put on some DIY wall decors that could somehow make us feel that our house is really a home. I bought the iron plant hanging bracket, hooks and metal pots from Ikea. In the two suspended or hanging pots, I put an artificial plant and a red wine.


Furthermore, I bought the two hanging flower vases from Aumai. I can’t give you the exact prices of the items because they might change anytime but rest assured they are cheaper than what you think. Well, it is much cheaper and more fulfilling if you can do these stuffs on your own. If you are creative enough and you have time to do them, give it a shot.


3D Wall Decors

I bought my 5-pieces 3D wall decors from Amazon. The size of each piece is 70 x 77cm so it was quite big. The product is awesome and is easy to cut and design. I couldn’t help but remember the Tetris effect of my elementary days. With the help of my brother and sister in law, we have managed to finish the project.


These are just some of the things that I can share with you for now, since like what I’ve said earlier, I can’t do much of anything at the moment. One thing is for sure, I will write another blog as I add some more details to my house.

Thank you for reading, guys. See you next time.

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