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Exposed: A Hidden Gem from Milan, Italy

I love to support and discover sprouting artists in their field and passion. It could be in the world of writing or inspiring works of art that only need the attention of people to be discovered. Just like our main character that I will tell you about today. Sprung from a humble beginning. Raised by a loving and caring mother. And is harnessed with eager desire. I am pleased to introduce to you all, Justin Bacuyag, 14 years of age, a young child with a brilliant mind in the field of art.

Yes, you are maybe asking in your mind, “I haven’t heard such a name in any field of art in my entire life. Who is he?” I do have to agree with you. Because he is just starting from scratch to build his figure to the public, and I do have a vision that in the future, he will be a renowned artist worldwide.

And since you continue reading this article, I think you are intrigued and you are convinced to know more about him. That’s good. I am following him ever since he started, as an aspiring artist. 

So in which field of art is he? He is a Model Customizer. You may ask, what is a model customizer? It means that a certain base figure will be used as a pattern, then the artist will customize it and change it to a particular design that he likes. It could be in accordance with the artist’s original design or from the buyer who will give his or her desired design.

Customizing figures is not an easy task. It needs great craftsmanship and very keen to details. Being a customizer also needs a considerable amount of self-discipline. Imagine a kid in a very young age, is able to manage to do this kind of art, is undoubtedly will become successful if given enough support that he needs.

His first work was inspired by a certain character from Dragon Ball Z, named (Namek) Goku. He bought the action figure in 2017 and has only started to customize it this July of 2020. His very first-ever client who bought the figure is a citizen of North Carolina, USA. His sale is amounting to $210.00. He based the price on the total expenses he accumulated from buying the model and all the other tools and materials needed to customize it, and added some more for labor. He would like to take advantage of the pandemic to become productive, since contained and no outside activities; and use it to nurture his talents. In every obstacle is an opportunity to take, as they say.

Below at the left side is the base figure of Goku and on the right is the actual action figure that Justin has customized.


And now,  he is looking forward to his next project which is supposed to be for his American buyer who intends to send his own base figure. He plants to customize it according to the buyer’s point of view or design.

Because of passion, dedication, and determination, a masterpiece was made that was crafted by the creative hands. A hidden gem indeed, that is rightful to be exposed. Hence, an artist is born in the heart of Milan, Italy. But the success of an individual can be found in the support coming amidst the crowd. We need to support someone’s talent so he could continue doing his best to give us pride in return. A promising artist indeed.

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