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Quarantine Cuisine: Easy Lutong Bahay Recipes

If you are running out of recipes and getting tired of making the same dish over and over, here’s a list of healthy and easy quarantine meals that you can do for your family.


Silog simply means sinangag with itlog. This dish is actually one of the most loved Pinoy dishes especially for breakfast. Just sauté your leftover rice in oil with garlic and onion then season it with salt. Then prepare your eggs sunny side up. You can add other leftover veggies for a healthier take on your sinangag.

Paksiw na isda

Isa ang bangus sa madalas gamitin sa paksiw pero p’wede ring gamitin ang iba pang uri ng isda gaya ng galunggong at tulingan. Iluto lamang ang isda sa suka, bawang, sibuyas at luya. Lagyan ng paminta at siling haba o green chili pepper para sa mas malasang Paksiw. You can also add ampalaya or bitter melon if you want a healthier dish.

Chicken Sotanghon

This recipe is great for the rainy days and especially now with the Christmas weather on its way. Just boil the chicken and make sure to save the chicken stock. Once cooked, remove the chicken from the bones and cut into small pieces.

Then cook the soup. Just sauté garlic and onion and add sliced sayote. Add the chicken and the stock and let it boil. Add the sotanghon noodles until it softens. You can add malunggay leaves to give the dish a healthier twist. Season with ground pepper and fish sauce to taste.

Sardines with Pechay

This is probably one of the most budget-friendly dishes you can cook for your family, quarantine or no quarantine. Since we’ve received lots of canned sardines from our Barangays as ‘ayuda’, why not create this simple but healthy dish at home?

Simulan sa paggisa ng bawang at sibuyas. Ilagay ang sardinas at haluin. Iluto sa medium heat sa loob ng isa at isa’t-kalahating minuto. Idagdag ang pechay pagkatapos. Dagdagan ng tubig kung kinakailangan. You can add a bit of salt and pepper to taste.

Aside from pechay, you can also use malunggay, sayote and papaya for this dish.

Hindi natin alam kung hanggang kailan ang pandemic na ito kaya sikapin natin na maging malusog para na rin makaiwas sa anumang sakit. And just because there’s a pandemic and we are in community quarantine does not mean that we are not going to be mindful about the food we eat. Remember that a low budget should not be an issue when it comes to cooking and eating healthy at home.

How about you? What recipes have you tried while on quarantine?

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