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Stress-Free Lutong Bahay Tricks

Since the lockdown, a lot of people are taking advantage of their time to take their culinary skills to the next level. Though we can now enjoy different dishes that we don’t usually cook due to our busy schedules, we are faced with the complexity of food preparations and tons of dirty cookware and dishes that seemed endless – something that is not enjoyable at all.

Pero may paraan para hindi masyadong ma-stress sa kusina lalo na ngayong may pandemic.

Puree your leafy greens and freeze

You might buy a lot of green leafy vegetables during lockdown but remember that these greens are perishable. A great tip is to puree them and put them in the freezer. You can add them to your dishes and even to your morning smoothies.

Cover your tabletop

The kitchen would probably be your haven during quarantine especially if you are into baking. To prevent the mess of batter and flour, why not cover your tabletop with a sheet before working? This way, you don’t be too stressed cleaning the counters of your kitchen afterwards.

Prepare one-pot meals

Hindi kailangang parating iba’t-ibang klaseng ulam ang ihahain tuwing tanghalian o hapunan. To make meal preparations simple, try creating one-pot meals for your family like seafood and sausage stew, chicken pastel, chicken casserole, roast chicken and veggies, chicken and veggie soup and more.

Chop your veggies then freeze

To avoid peeling and chopping your vegetables each time you cook, it is best to chop them at once and freeze them. Veggies like bell peppers, carrots, corn, beans and others can be chopped and frozen. Ilagay sa kanya-kanyang ziplock bag o plastic container ang bawat gulay at ilabas lamang ang kinakailangan sa oras ng pagluluto.

Prepare meals that can be eaten in many ways

Cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be quite hectic so why not prepare a meal that can be eaten with rice and can also be paired with bread. Basically, these dishes are those with sauce like Curry or Menudo.

Posible pa rin namang mag-enjoy sa pagluluto sa bahay at hindi kailangang i-stress ang sarili sa araw-araw. What you need is time management and some ideas on how to do shortcuts when preparing and cooking at home.

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