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What are Essential Oils?

Did you know that you can be energized and recharged simply by having a bottle of  Lemon-scented essential oil?

Yes, you heard it right! Essential oils are more than just scents.  Most of these essentials oils are greatly used for massage to ease fatigue and pain. Some of them are typically inhaled and applied topically on the skin.

Essential oils are aromatic concentrated extracts derived from plants by means of steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping. Carefully extracted from plants, these concentrated oils are your partner on your journey to wellness living. These aromatic oils help you and your whole family recharge from head to toe, cleanse your home, detoxify your skin and enrich your spiritual being.

Free radicals are everywhere. Our body gets exhausted and our energy depletes because of these free radicals, stress, poor diet, and unhealthy lifestyle. Good thing that nowadays we have these essential oils to recharge our body. Essential oils that can help boost our well-being include Wintergreen, Oregano and Thyme  aromas.

One can enjoy the benefit of Bergamot, Lavender,  Frankincense and Eucalytus scents for a gorgeous, healthy young-looking you. During ancient times, it has been a tradition to use oils to sustain healthy skin because of its anti-aging properties. Have you tried visiting a spa? Almost all of their services use oils for massage. These oils soothe our skin leaving a calm, relax, and refreshing feeling.

Helichrysum, Thieves, and  Lemongrass aromas are some of the essential oils used because of its cleansing properties. In today’s modern lifestyle, people have come up with replacing home cleansers with blends of essential oils to purify their homes. Spread some drops of these scents to your home to purify air. Enjoy the refreshing aromas of essential oils without adding harmful chemicals to the environment.

People use Marjoram essential oils for meditation. They use oils to connect, meditate, or to transcend during meditation or spiritual celebration. The common practice for using essential oils for this practice is to dilute it and apply it to the wrist, feet, and behind ears or diffuse in a calm sacred room.

Enjoy using essential oils either by diffusing, inhaling, topically applying to your body parts, or as massage oil. Having a healthy lifestyle is as easy as having a handy bottled essential oils in your pocket!

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