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Which One to Use: Humidifier or Dehumidifier?

There’s always a time to cool down and a time to warm up. If you live in a country with Fall and Winter seasons, this is probably one of the many things that you want to know. There are times that you feel your skin gets too dry even if you do not go out of the house. But there are also times that you feel moist anywhere especially if you start seeing molds in the corners of your ceilings and in your walls.

This is what you need to know then; the difference between humidifier and dehumidifier.

It is essential to take into consideration the humidity level or air moisture for everyone’s comfort. If the air seems too dry, you may use humidifier. Humidifier is an indoor device which releases moisture in the form of steam or water vapor giving the space a cooling effect or mist.

One of the typical example of humidifier is a vaporizer machine, which is plugged in a power supply. This device requires to fill in water and a boiling water in it produces steam and goes with air we breathe.

During summer, we experience dry skin, chapped lips and itchy feeling. This is the best time to use humidifier to ease these kinds of discomfort and help increase humidity level in the atmosphere. The use of humidifier would also be a good resolution for cracking wood furnitures. This is due to dry air.

On the other side, if the room has a high level of moisture, it is dehumidifier that you might need. Dehumidifier is an indoor device which takes in cold air, converts it into dehumidified air before blowing it back to the room. One of a typical dehumidifier device sucks cold air and passes through an airstream with desiccants. Desiccants are gel material, with sponge-like function, that absorb moisture. Reduction of air moisture can help lessen mold and bacteria that may cause other respiratory discomforts like cough, colds and influenza and othr Humid atmosphere may help to ease people with asthma during cold seasons.

Dehumidifier can also help kick out unwanted home dwellers like termites and molds. These creatures would love dwelling on cool places. The moisture content of air maybe determined thru relative humidity (RH ) It has something to do with the amount of water vapor in the air in relation to temperature. The most comfortable rh level is 30-50%.

The option to use whether humidifier or dehumidifier will always depend on the humidity level of your home and the purpose you want to achieve.

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