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Alert: Fraud Caution Linked to Decreto Flussi Program

The PCG issued a crucial fraud caution related to Italy’s Decreto Flussi, aiming to advise our fellow countrymen to be vigilant when dealing with agencies and individuals offering assistance to relocate and work in Italy. The news about widespread illegal recruitment and falsification of documents affecting nearly 400 alleged Filipino victims remains prevalent. On Monday,…

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Bonus Trasporti: Fondi Esauriti in Meno di 2 Ore

The opportunity to claim the “bonus trasporti,” worth 60 euros, has concluded as the funds were exhausted. The application window opened at 8 AM on December 1, 2023, via the Ministero del Lavoro dedicated portal, but the available funds of approximately 7.7 million euros were depleted. These funds represented the remaining balance from prior allocations….

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Navigating Trial by Publicity in the Digital Age

Explore the impact of trial by publicity on prominent figures in this insightful article. Learn how the rise of social media has intensified this phenomenon, shaping public perception and influencing outcomes. Introduction: In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the concept of “trial by publicity” has taken on new dimensions, significantly shaping public perception. This phenomenon occurs…

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Pahayag ng Alyansa Laban sa Panloloko at Hokus-Pokus ng ilang Ahensya (ALPHA)

OFW Watch Italy is actively advocating for justice on behalf of victims who have been deceived while seeking legal working permits to work in Italy. Recently, they issued a statement outlining their stance on the reported widespread fraudulent activities, firmly condemning them, in conjunction with their official statement released on October 7. Meanwhile, in a…

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PCG’s Facebook Post Update on Illegal Recruitment Investigation: Stirring Conversations and Comments

The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) has launched an extensive investigation into two agencies (patronati) in Italy, Golden Power SRLS and Alpha Assistenza, following allegations of widespread fraud and illegal recruitment targeting Filipino workers. A dedicated fact-finding team, led by DMW officer-in-charge Hans Cacdac, was deployed to conduct interviews with affected overseas Filipino workers (OFWs)…

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Shielding Yourself from the Reshipping Scam: Red Flags and Protection Measures

In today’s digital age, online shopping has become a cornerstone of convenience, offering a vast array of products at our fingertips. But hidden behind the ease of online shopping, there’s a sneaky trick called the reshipping scam. This deceitful ploy preys on unsuspecting individuals, promising easy money and remote work. This article aims to delve…

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Call to Retain Cato: Signatures Gathered in Front of the Consulate

In light of the continuous criticism directed at Philippine’s Consul General to Milan, Elmer Cato, regarding allegations of ‘non-action’ despite complaints from victims of Alpha Assistenza, various speculations, theories, and opinions from different Filipino communities in Italy have surfaced. Recall vs. Retain There are discussions circulating that certain groups are purportedly calling for the recall…

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banner with text written as OFW WATCH ITALY Releases Official Statement Regarding Fraudulent Practices by Various Agencies and Individuals

OFW Watch Italy Releases Official Statement Regarding Fraudulent Practices by Various Agencies and Individuals

Amidst the widespread issue of illegal recruitment, the officers of OFW Watch Italy convened organized discussions aimed at conducting an in-depth examination of the issue and formulating the corresponding statement regarding this matter. However, we may ask what is this OFW Watch Italy? Who are their members, when did they first exist, and what is…

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