Quattro Club


Now that the virtual money (Cube points) is available on the site, each of your activities will be rewarded by points which we are going to call Denaro(s).

You will receive a certain amount of denaro for every comment, post (for writers only) and daily visit but take note that deleting a comment will deduct 2 denaros from your account.

The points you will accumulate can be used in reading because our story chapters will be locked for protection. All teasers are free, but the story chapters are priced 2-10 denaro, while blogs and news will remain as free posts.

You can also use your denaro in availing other services of Quattro Club.

If you do not have time to explore the site and you want to have immediate access to read the protected stories or avail our services, you can add your Denaro by Top Up or subscription. Please go to this LINK.

Ebooks on the Shop section are still for sale for the indicated amount. But dont’t forget that you have a free coupon worth $3 for free ebook reading.

For applicant writers, editors, artists or sellers, please send your inquiries to yes2yesha@gmail.com. Thank you!

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