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QUATTRO CLUB is a group of writers, editors, and artists that aims to provide daily entertainment, general information, and news to its website’s visitors especially to Filipino readers all over the world. We intend to house these talented individuals to help them discover and develop their abilities, and channel them to their respective market.

The founder of the club, who happens to be one of the owners of Le Sorelle Publishing, a small self-publishing in the Philippines, is based in Italy. In fact, four imprints of the said publishing were taken from the Italian counterpart of the four seasons in the country; Primavera, Estate, Autunno, and Inverno. Each imprint represents a different genre of story and all of these four were composed of Filipino writers.

One of the joint projects of Le Sorelle Publishing and Quattro Club is the small foundation called LSPuso. Its primary aim is to feed a group of unfortunate children in Quezon City and Davao, and provide financial assistance to those with chronic liver diseases. The said foundation accepts stories (for children) from sponsor writers and sells them to sponsor buyers, then give the books to the children, along with the financial collection from the sponsors.

Quattro Club Facebook PageWe are a group of writers catering different topics of interests and lifestyle

Quattro Club (Philippines)Readers…writers from different publishing houses…one literature world…one group…QUATTRO CLUB

Quattro Club (OFWs)The main purpose of this group is to provide the OFWs a platform for discussion of different interesting topics that will motivate and uplift the spirit of the Filipinos outside our motherland.

Anyone who would like to be a contributor of poem, book review, original songs, recipe, artworks, or love stories, please feel free to contact us. Send your sample/s to yes2yesha@gmail.com with this email heading:

Applicant Contributor (Name)

You may also check THIS LINK for more details regarding our job opportunities.

Once again, this group welcomes everyone, not only those who love both writing and reading, but people from all different walks of life.

Thank you for visiting our home. Welcome to QUATTRO CLUB!










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    1. Hi…pls check the SHOP Page and select the ebook. However, it is password protected (though free) and the key to the password is on the 4th chapter (free post) under FREE STORIES. Enjoy reading!

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