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STUNNING COLORS – This food coloring kit includes 12 colors such as green, yellow-green, lemon yellow, pink, brown, sky blue, red, orange-red, grape violet, navy blue, incense violet and blue-green.
SAFETY – This brand of liquid food coloring is made of safe, pure and cruelty-free ingredients, which produces bright colors for all types of applications but definitely does not change the taste or texture of the food.
WIDE USE – This set of food coloring is perfect for baking,decorating your cakes, preparing your butter cream, icing and fondant, Easter eggs and airbrush. This is also good for DIY slime, epoxy resin, playing dough, soap, bath bomb and other DIY crafts.
PERFECT DESIGN – Liquid dyes are carefully formulated in a bottle that can be easily mixed and dispersed, while remaining bright and true color. The compression bottles facilitate the control of the drops so that you can always get that perfect shade.
EFFECTIVE COST – We have more colors for you to choose from and we offer this at a cheaper price. Neon food coloring is carefully formulated to create beautiful baked or slime foods.

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