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Featured and living room walls, TV walls, sofa or divano background, bedroom walls, kitchen area, children’s room, staircases, painted surfaces, wood board, and to any spot at home that you desire to decorate


❤ The materials used in this 3D brick foam wallpaper is safe. There is no any harmful and heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury) present,  definitely an eco-friendly wall decor panels.
❤ Made of soft PE foam, child-friendly material

❤ Waterproof, moist-proof, and sound insulated

❤ Easy to clean with a wet cloth

❤ Self-adhesive peel and stick wallpaper

❤ Easy to paste and remove

❤ Easy to cut the shape  on your own

❤ DIY the shape and the style or design according to your room area

❤ consists of 2 packs white wall panels brick design PE foam wall panel tiles

❤ Unit size is 2.52ft x 2.26ft (77cm x 69cm) and covers more than 11.4 sq. feet

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