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What makes it the perfect gift set?

This set includes 1 drawstring backpack, 73 pieces My Hero Academia Cartoon Stickers, 4 pieces of pins, two pieces of keychains and 1 piece of necklace lanyard. Talk about a worth it package!


  • 1 Drawstring Backpack: The drawstring bag is large and lightweight. The size is 15.7 inches (40cm long) and 13.4 inches (34cm wide). You can use it when you go for camping, hiking, shopping or a quick walk in the park.
  • 73 Pieces My Hero Academia Anime Cartoon Stickers: The quality of the stickers are great and they are waterproof. There are 73 pieces to choose from, perfect for Skateboard, Car, Snowboard, Bicycle, Luggage, Mug, Laptop, Pad, Skateboard, Macbook, Travel Case, Guitar, Bedroom, Wall Decals, Door and many more!
  • 1 Piece Necklace Lanyard: The lanyard length is 17.7 inches, suitable for kids and adults. The design of the lanyard shows printed photos of the characters. Fans will surely love to wear it!
  • 4 Pieces Pins and 2 Pieces Keychains: Use this with your drawstring bag or your necklace lanyard to complete your collection. You can also put it in a hat, t-shirt, bag strap or anywhere you want.

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