Assegno Unico e Universale: Reasons Behind Non-Receipt for the Month of August (2023)

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Are you one of those who did not receive the Assegno Unico for August 2023? If so, you may need to make an update to your application.

What is Assegno Unico e Universale?

The Assegno Unico e Universale for dependent children is a financial support provided to families for each dependent child up to their 21st birthday (subject to specific conditions), and without age limits for disabled children.

The amount granted varies based on the economic condition of the family, determined by the valid ISEE at the time of application, taking into account the age and number of children as well as any disabilities they may have.

In the absence of ISEE or with an ISEE exceeding 43,240.00 euros, the amount of the AUU, which is still due, is set at the minimum values provided by the regulation.

The allowance is defined as:

  • Unico: as it is aimed at simplifying and enhancing initiatives aimed at supporting parenthood and birth rates.
  • Universale: as it is guaranteed in minimum amounts to all families with dependent children, even in the absence of ISEE or with an ISEE exceeding the threshold of 43,240.00 euros.

Berna is one of those who did not receive the said benefit for the month of August. This is particularly difficult for her because she has three small children, and her husband is the sole breadwinner. According to Berna:

“Sobrang hirap. Dahil hindi pa ako nakakapagtrabaho, kasama talaga sa budget namin ang benepisyong nanggagaling sa AUU kaya naman napakahirap na walang babala ay hindi namin ito natanggap. Walang email o communication man lamang mula sa INPS. Basta na lang ito huminto.”

“It’s really tough. Since I haven’t been able to work yet, the benefits from the Assegno Unico are crucial to our budget. So, it’s really hard not receiving it without any warning. We didn’t receive any email or communication from INPS. It just abruptly stopped.”

English Translation

Berna sought advice from the GVF group, where she was advised to open her account to send a communication to INPS. With the help of a GVF volunteer, Berna successfully created a ticket, and after two days, she received a response from INPS.

“Ang sabi ng INPS sa ticket na ginawa ng tumulong sa akin sa INPS Risponde, expired daw ang aking permesso di soggiorno. Kailangan ko raw mag-update upang magpatuloy ang aking assegno. Totoo nga, dahil ang ipinasa ko noon ay tagliando lang.”

“INPS informed me through the ticket created with the help of INPS Risponde that my permesso di soggiorno has expired. They said I need to update it for my allowance to continue. It turns out, what I submitted before was just a tagliando.”

English Translation

“Tagliando” refers to a temporary or provisional document, often used as a placeholder until an official or updated document is provided.

Berna immediately sought help again from a member of GVF and accessed her account once more. She attached her valid permesso di soggiorno and responded to the ticket. The next day, Berna received a response once again.

“Ayos na raw ang aking update. Muli daw akong makatatanggap ng assegno at pinayuhan ako ng employee ng INPS na sa susunod ay mag-renew agad ako ng permesso bago ang expiry nito at i-update agad ang aking account. Kahit tagliando ay tinatanggap naman nila.”

They said my update is now being processed. I will be receiving the allowance again very soon, and the INPS employee advised me to renew my permesso di soggiorno before it expires next time, and to promptly update my INPS account. They even mentioned that they do accept tagliando.

English Translation

Berna is very grateful. Because of this, she requested to write about her experience to help other parents like her.

“Salamat sa INPS. Salamat din sa miyembro ng GVF na tumulong sa akin. Malaking bagay ito para sa aking mga anak. Maraming salamat.”

Thank you to INPS. Thanks also to the GVF member who helped me. This means a lot for my children. Thank you very much.

English Translation

According to GVF’s records, there are more than 20 OFWs who have inquired with them regarding the non-receipt of their benefits for the month of August.

A tutorial article will also be posted soon.

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