Keniyo: The Rising Filipino Rapper in Milan

In the world of rap where things can get tough and everyone’s fighting to stand out, there’s a new rapper on the rise named Keniyo. He is Filipino and currently living in Milan, Italy, trying to make a name for himself amidst the challenges and competition.

His music goes beyond just rap; it actually explores a wide range of themes and emotions. In every song, he discusses his dreams and aspirations for a better life and shares them with his beloved family.

If you listen closely to the lyrics of his songs, they are undeniably inspiring. At the age of 21, he already has a vision of what he wants to achieve in life, including spreading the goodness of hard work to others.

Keniyo hails from the Philippines and at the young age of 9, he learned to create his own songs. His very first composition was titled “Bakit Ako ang Pinili Mo” (Why Did You Choose Me).

If you listen to this song, you might notice that some of its lyrics sound a bit humorous. However, this is because Keniyo composed the song when he was young. His mother decided to upload it on YouTube so that Keniyo could see it as he grew up.

Currently, Keniyo’s compositions are available on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and on all streaming platforms.

Keniyo: Agos (Wave)

Keniyo: Psycho Fraud

Keniyo: Ken’s

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